These images represent a span of about 12 years of head-shots.

They maintain two things thought that timespan:

They are all Eye-catching and they have maintained a 'current' look to them.

Update yours and 'take your best shot' today!


Marty Wayne is a Nashville TN/Music City USA based headshot and portrait photographer specializing in music industry, actor’s headshots, and commercial photography. 

He is recognized for his unique talent of capturing the essence of his subject in his photography. As an experienced headshot photographer, music industry, and glamour photographer for over a decade, he uses his unique style and talent to create extraordinary actor headshots, business headshots and modeling portfolios

Your image IS your calling card.  The purpose of a powerful image is to elicit a positive response and take control of your first impression. 

professional photography, EVENT photographymusic industry photography, advertising photography, product photography

Someone asked me 'Why do you take photographs'  I don't think I take them from anyone.   I make, create or capture an image.  But the reason I do it is because  the ghost of the image-to-be has grabbed my attention and said 'Look at me'
      ~Me 2015