Someone asked me 'Why do you take photographs'  I don't think I take them from anyone.   I make, create or capture an image.  But the reason I do it is because  the ghost of the image-to-be has grabbed my attention and said 'Look at me'
      ~Me 2015

professional photography, EVENT photographymusic industry photography, advertising photography, product photography

This work is primarily shot on location mixing different lighting situations to create an ideal feel for your specific need. If a client needs a studio environment, my studio is a great space for corporate pr, headshots and product photography.

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Your image IS your calling card.  The purpose of a powerful image is to elicit a positive response and take control of your first impression. 



Your image IS your calling card.  Your best chance to take control of your First Impression.​ 

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What I do


  • Kelsey May (NBC The Voice 2015)
  • PCG Nashville (photographer/content provider) 
  • Travis McVay (Author/US MARINE/ Presidential Honor Guard/Entrepreneur Founder HEROS VODKA)
  • Annie Bany (Portlandia Records Artist  -photography for web content, tour support, nationwide single release cover image)
  • Country Artist Jason Alden
  • Country Artist Craig Morgan (Marketing shots while he was endorsing Copley Guitars)
  • Music City News Magazine (multiple articles/images)
  • Multiple music industry events.
  • Universal Records (live events/after awards shows)
  • Multiple NASCAR (live events)
  • Model Scott Carey (International model from New York, Milan and Paris who's working portfolio includes ad campaigns for Giorgio Armani , Rocobarocco Jeans, Hermes Cologne, Tommy Hilfiger and more)



  • Country Weekly (2014 feature article on Hero’s Vodka founder Travis McVay)
  • Country PEOPLE Magazine COVER SHOT (England/UK)
  • Numerous Album Cover Shots
  • Guitar Player Magazine (three ads shot for SIMBA PRODUCTS/Copley Guitars)
  • PMQ Magazine (international food industry trades magazine)
  • GuitarOne (multiple ads)
  • Bass Player Magazine (two ads)
  • EQ Magazine
  • The Bridal Guide magazine (Featured Photographer Middle Tennessee -July/August issue 2007)
  • I DO For Brides magazine. (5 regional printings of 'I Do For Brides' including a 3-page pictorial spread from the wedding of Miss Kentucky USA)


  • Peyton Turner (season 2)
  • Constindina (season 3)
  • Rodeo (season 2)
  • Tour Photographer VH1 Rock Of Love with Bret Michaels/POISON (Cincinnati concert)


  • NBC Soap Star Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton -Days Of Our Lives/Live Event)
  • NBC's The Voice Sensation Kelsie May
  • NBC'S Liz Young (Biggest Looser for magazine publication)
  • PLAYBOY's Catherine Platz / aka Nikki Ryan
  • Girls of Rock calendar for Nashville's 97.1FM RQQ Rock station
  • Calendar for Patriot Girls (international distribution as fundraiser for Wounded Warrior Project)
  • Successfully accepted Playboy Submissions
  • Hooters Budweiser Poster (regional/middle Tennessee)
  • WRANGLER JEANS (country artists cross promotion Wrangler Jeans/Copley Guitars)



  • ROMA Pizza -Regional food photography last 4 years,
  • SIMBA PRODUCTS (Photography for their various national ad campaigns for the last four years)

Meet your photographer


Marty Wayne is a one of Middle Tennessee's well known commercial photographers.  He is a freelance photographer who is recognized for his unique talent of capturing the essence of his subject in his photography. As an experienced headshot photographer, music photographer as well as industry, and glamour photographer as well as product photographer for over a decade, he uses his unique style and talent to create extraordinary actor headshots, business headshots and modeling portfolios 

                                     ~It's time to Take Your Best Shot

Commercial/music industry Photography